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5 Simple Budgeting Tips for Your Business

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Starting your own business sure takes a lot of money. Unfortunately, your expenses don't end once your company is up and running. This means you need to use a budget to meet your financial goals. However, a lot of entrepreneurs don't do this simply because they believe the effort required for budgeting is just too much. Still, this isn't the case and with just a few simple tips, you could have your budget up and running. We singled out 5 of these you'll definitely want to check out.

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6 Ways Social Media Can Hurt Your Business

Take a closer look at any company out there and you'll see they use social media to promote their products/services. Social media a good thing, except when it's not. Just like it can build up a business in no time, social media can also tear it down in a matter of seconds. And if you're wondering how, here's a list of six ways social media can hurt your business.

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