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Working in the Cloud: Top Tips for Busy Wordsmiths

Working in the cloud

Freelance writers are often perceived as enigmatic, whimsical types who work in their pajamas. The magic simply happens with little effort.

If that were true, there would be no need for research, editing, and proofreading, which consume the bulk of a writer's day.

Cloud computing makes it easier than ever to be your own boss but feeling overwhelmed is a common downside that you can avoid by taking a more structured approach.

Structuring a draft is something like creating a wedding cake: Tackle one tier at a time and build from there.

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6 Key Questions to Ask When Researching a Franchise

You've decided to team up with a certain franchise of your choice, and start the business with the help of a company that offers you the best terms and conditions. The process of finding out whether the franchise actually fits your criteria and if it's good for you or not can be a rather delicate and precarious endeavor at times, especially since you don't know all the ins and outs of a business. That's completely understandable, and you really don't have to worry about that too much. The fact that you're a beginner doesn't have to put you at a disadvantage.

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Seven Tech Upgrades to Consider for Your Business

Consider Tech Upgrades

Making sure your business thrives is all about staying ahead of the curve. It's not enough just to offer a great product; you've got to make sure everything about the way you work, from the interfaces your customers use to the way your company's data is stored, is efficient and up to date.

Keeping track of all the curveballs new technology can throw your way might feel like a full-time job in and of itself, but luckily we're here to help you make sense of it all. We're going to go over 7 tech upgrades you should seriously consider implementing in your place of business.

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How To Secure Successful Long-Term Relationships With Your Contractors

Good Contractor Relationships

Completing a contract isn't just about getting money in the end. A secret to having truly successful contracts is to form a stable relationship with your contractor in order to ensure future cooperation. A successful contract also means you finished your contract wiser, in a better position, with a firmer relationship with the contractor whose trust you have earned in the process. A couple of the following steps will ensure that each of your future contracts is highly successful.

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Internet Censorship: How Far Will It Go?

Stop Internet Censorship

Back in the day, the Internet used to be called a variety of names, one of them was the information superhighway. The reasoning behind this was the idea for the Internet to be the perfect tool for anyone to be able to tap into the almost endless volume of data quickly. However, what came along very fast was Internet censorship.

A lot of people will argue that there are good reasons behind such an act. Looking at it from the perspective of protecting kids from the content that they shouldn't see at their age, it does make sense. However, there is the other, more malignant kind of motivation. This is most commonly a government's attempt to control the data that the nation can view easily and freely, and therefore being able to distort their vision of real-life events.

The major issue that is happening and has extremely detrimental and devastating effects on the population is the inclination towards extreme or even full-blown censorship that is already happening in certain parts of the world. So, the big qu…