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Critical Keys to a Successful Product Launch

Successful Product Launch

For many start-ups, a successful product launch can make all the difference between thriving for years to come and fading into obscurity.

A product launch is a risky endeavor filled with obstacles that need to be overcome and assumptions that need to be verified, and if mishandled, this endeavor could cost you millions.

Therefore, to maximize the likelihood of success, you need to perform ample research, to meticulously plan ahead, and to be diligent throughout the entire process.

So, here are six essential steps you can follow to make sure that your next product launch is a smashing hit:

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The Leader Perspective - Ideas For Breaking The Glass Ceiling For Eminent Employee Engagement

Eminent Employee Engagement

Every employer desires to get meaningful work from their employees. The achievement of this desire zeros down to employees' level of commitment and productivity. However, the question is, what is the role of the employer in ensuring that employees are at their peak in their performance?

Eminent Employee Engagement is of the essence. Companies, which have maintained employee engagement are reportedly rising above various market challenges. Besides, not only are employees content but they will also put their best foot forward in achieving the organizational goals.

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Types of Employees That Are Bad for Your Startup

Types of Employees

You can either work 9 to 5, or hustle 24/7. The latter is true of all successful business owners, especially during the startup stage.

For the business that is in the middle of a startup, both the employer and the employees need to have the same vision. Their goals and values must align and complement one another so that the hard work will get done. Often times this work is done in less than ideal conditions and for much less money than both the business owner and the employees would like to be receiving. Holding to the vision will help get you through, but only if you have the right team underneath you.

46% of startups go under in their first year and a half due to employee incompetence and laziness. The statistic alone shows that hiring the right people from the beginning is crucial to seeing your business through to the stabilization phase. However, hiring the right employee is not just about skill set. Attitude is everything.

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Accounting Mistakes NYC Commercial Real Estate Pros Make

NYC Commercial Real Estate

Are you a commercial real estate dealer in NYC and want to thrive in the market? The only mantra to succeed in this industry "abreast of your accounting operations"! Many real estate dealers overlook finances and when any tax reform is introduced by the government, handling books becomes quite painful for them.

As we are talking about NYC commercial real estate partners, according to economists, the new tax reform is on their way, and it is predicted that it would be fortunate for commercial real estate companies.

All the dealers are in a cheerful mood, realizing that their tax season would be seamless. But New York City's tax codes are very complex, and if you don't know the rules, you may face unpleasant scenarios. And as the adage goes "Numbers don't lie" because whenever you talk about your agency's success, you need appropriate numbers that describe sales and properties sold out.

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Top 4 Overlooked Office Safety Hazards

Overlooked Safety Hazards

Compared to field work like construction, mining, and chemical mixing, working at a desk is relatively safer. Of course, that doesn't mean that the office is completely devoid of hazards.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that in 2017, there were approximately 2.8 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses reported by private industry employers. Such injuries lead to lost hours, hefty health care fees, and lost productivity.

Here are the top 4 overlooked office safety hazards and some tips on how to prevent them.

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