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Working in the Cloud: Top Tips for Busy Wordsmiths

Working in the cloud

Freelance writers are often perceived as enigmatic, whimsical types who work in their pajamas. The magic simply happens with little effort.

If that were true, there would be no need for research, editing, and proofreading, which consume the bulk of a writer's day.

Cloud computing makes it easier than ever to be your own boss but feeling overwhelmed is a common downside that you can avoid by taking a more structured approach.

Structuring a draft is something like creating a wedding cake: Tackle one tier at a time and build from there.

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5 Workplace Devices to Boost Your Productivity

In the last couple of years, we saw more and more new devices be released. While some of these are designed specifically for fun or to make your household tasks easier, others have for a purpose to help you get more work done. So, if you feel like you could be more productive at work, you might want to think about investing in some of the newest productivity-boosting devices out there. And to help you, we singled out 5 of these that might be exactly what you need.

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