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Dimenstional Audio

If you are looking to make your website, videos or advertisements more vibrant, you need to checkout Dimensional Audio.

Dimensional Audio is run by IIan Ponimansky. He plays a variety of instruments including guitar, piano and drums and everything he creates is done in-house.

Whether you are looking for a theme song, jingle or video track Dimensional Audio can craft something unique for your needs. They even offer mixing and mastering services for previously recorded tracks.

Check out this metal sample of theirs below:


Authentic Workplace

How do you know you've created a great venture? The people already working with you enjoy it and outsiders are eager to join your organization. But a better question is, how do you ensure you are positioning your venture to maintain this status? And how do you attain being a great place to work if you feel you aren't there currently?

Take a listen to this podcast from Harvard Business Review IDEACAST on "Simple Rules for Creating Great Places to Work"

  1. Difference Beyond Diversity
  2. Radical Honesty
  3. Add Extra Value
  4. Authenticity
  5. Meaningful Job
  6. Give Simple Agreed Rules

Authenticity Matters