Internet Censorship: How Far Will It Go?

Stop Internet Censorship

Back in the day, the Internet used to be called a variety of names, one of them was the information superhighway. The reasoning behind this was the idea for the Internet to be the perfect tool for anyone to be able to tap into the almost endless volume of data quickly. However, what came along very fast was Internet censorship.

A lot of people will argue that there are good reasons behind such an act. Looking at it from the perspective of protecting kids from the content that they shouldn't see at their age, it does make sense. However, there is the other, more malignant kind of motivation. This is most commonly a government's attempt to control the data that the nation can view easily and freely, and therefore being able to distort their vision of real-life events.

The major issue that is happening and has extremely detrimental and devastating effects on the population is the inclination towards extreme or even full-blown censorship that is already happening in certain parts of the world. So, the big qu…

Can Employee Training Lead to Higher Profits?

Employee Training Matters

A good captain knows that he is only as good as his crew, and the best way to keep his boat from sinking is to have the best workers. In order to keep your business sailing smoothly, you want someone capable, hard-working and reliable by your side.

People seem to be surprised at how corporate training leads to growth, and often question the worth of investing in training programs and materials for employees. For example, a company is currently on a tightrope; their budget is not enough to cover all of the upcoming expenses. Does investing in learning materials for their workers truly help the business in such a situation?

It may be counterintuitive to spend money in hopes of saving some, but a move like this will definitely help a company flourish, especially long-term.

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Critical Keys to a Successful Product Launch

Successful Product Launch

For many start-ups, a successful product launch can make all the difference between thriving for years to come and fading into obscurity.

A product launch is a risky endeavor filled with obstacles that need to be overcome and assumptions that need to be verified, and if mishandled, this endeavor could cost you millions.

Therefore, to maximize the likelihood of success, you need to perform ample research, to meticulously plan ahead, and to be diligent throughout the entire process.

So, here are six essential steps you can follow to make sure that your next product launch is a smashing hit:

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Your Guide to Social Media Marketing for Startups

So you have decided to take the plunge and follow your dream of launching your own company - Congratulations! Having decided on its name and its premises, the next really important step is to plan your website and create your social media accounts as they will be powerful marketing tools for your startup - providing great results really quickly.

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How to Lower Your Bounce Rate and Increase Your Rankings

Lower Your Bounce Rate

To understand how to lower your bounce rate, we first have to define what a bounce rate actually is. This is the percentage of people who just enter your website without viewing anything on it. In other words, someone Googles something, they enter your site, they don't see what they need and bail completely. In other words, they bounce. Having a high bounce rate can really hurt your business, which is why it's important to get to the cause of the problem. You can work towards lowering your bounce rate, though.

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