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How to Use a Webinar to Gain New Clients for Your SaaS Startup

Webinar Lead Generation

Webinars have been a rising force in marketing over the past few years and even more so after the coronavirus pandemic trapped us in our homes.

In fact, almost three out of every four marketers and sales leaders swear that webinars are one of the best ways to pull in quality leads, and this was reported before the lockdown.

Over and above, webinars were ranked as the second most effective way of bringing in new B2B customers after in-person events.

One can only imagine how more popular webinars have become in 2020.

What Makes Webinars Such a Powerful Marketing Force?

There are countless benefits to hosting a webinar. Let's look at some of them in more detail.

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Mobile App vs. Website: Factors All Startups Must Consider

Mobile App Versus Website

Most startups need some type of digital presence to succeed today. However, a digital presence can come in a variety of forms. For example, you may be wondering whether your startup would benefit from a website, or whether you should partner with Android or iPhone app development specialists to create a mobile app instead.

A single blog entry can't necessarily answer this question for you. It can, however, list some factors you should consider when making your decision, such as the following:

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Should You Start a Digital Agency in 2020?

Start a Digital Agency

Have you ever wondered about starting your own digital agency?

Maybe the idea of sharing your skills with the world is exciting, but you're not sure whether you can make a consistent income from an online business. Perhaps you have a lot of knowledge, but you're concerned about the time and effort that comes with finding new clients.

There are a lot of positives and negatives to consider when starting a digital venture at any time. However, in 2020, when the economy has been increasingly uncertain, many people are feeling more on the fence than ever before.

The good news? Social distancing, quarantines, and global disasters have brought people together worldwide within the virtual world.

Now could be the ideal time to build a name for yourself online; you just need the right strategy.

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Helpful Guide to Create a LinkedIn Business Page

Creating a LinkedIn Business Page

Launched in November 2018, LinkedIn Pages created a platform that allows institutions, companies, and organizations to connect with their audiences. Similarly, these pages allow consumers to find and assess their favorite companies.

LinkedIn is one of the most happening social media platforms. Every minute, millions of people are active on LinkedIn. On LinkedIn, businesses promote their product and services, professionals look for new opportunities, companies look for potential employees, others use this platform to chat, connect, post, and build new relations.

A LinkedIn business page lets LinkedIn members find, connect, and build a relationship with individual businesses and know about that company's products, services, employment opportunities, brand, etc.

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Killer Marketing Can’t Overcome Poor UX

There is one thing you need to understand and that is that marketing can and will let you open the door. In fact, it may even allow you to look inside, to take a peek for a minute. However, it’s never going to hold the door for you, the door won’t be open on its own. The best and most popular design, the most attractive style for your communication and branding won’t matter much if people just can’t use whatever you are providing.

Any product, whether that’s an app, a website, a service, it all serves the experience of the user. And if the user is not happy with what you offer, then you will not be able to provide any possible conversions. All you get is wasted money and failed, very high bounce rates. If you want to truly overcome poor UX design, if you want to get the most out of dead marketing, you need to make things more user-friendly. And, well, you are in luck, because our article deals with exactly that.

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