3 Most Common Workplace Injuries And Tips On How To Avoid Them

Avoid Workplace Injuries

Looking at how workplaces are designed in these modern times, we can say that they are significantly safer than, for example, those from about ten years ago. The fact is that technology has advanced to the point that it can determine whether a certain area can be problematic, so the workers can be warned on time.

Still, this doesn't mean that accidents don't happen. This particularly applies to industrial environments. A person that works in construction, manufacturing, mining, agriculture, and so on, is a lot more likely to get injured due to the fact that heavy machinery is used. Furthermore, enclosed spaces and hazardous environmental factors are a very bad mix.


Overexertion is a very common cause of injury at various kinds of workplaces. The first things that come to mind are a lot of manual work and heavy lifting, but you can end up with a Repetitive Strain Injury in your wrists even if you spend hours working on a computer.

Basically, any repeated movement that is done on a daily basis can lead to overexertion. Therefore, it is crucial that you are aware of the risks, and to anything you can in advance. If you do a lot of heavy lifting, make sure that you take regular breaks. If it is eight hours in front of a computer a day, then make sure that your desk and chair are ergonomic. Wrist supports can go a long way.

The problem with such injuries is that they don't happen all of a sudden. They take time to start showing symptoms, which is exactly why it's important to think about them on time.

Getting struck by or caught in heavy machinery

Anyone who works with heavy machinery can end up getting injured if they aren't careful. This is most often the case with factories, construction sites, and farms. Every machine needs to be properly safeguarded. If a particular moving part of the machine doesn't have the necessary protective guard, it can end up catching someone's body part or hitting someone. The results of such accidents are very often dire, such as severed fingers, broken arms, blindness, and so on.

Therefore, next to making sure that every mechanical piece has a proper safeguard, every worker has to be adequately clothed and well-trained for operating the machinery in question.

Exposure to hazardous environmental factors

The big issue with how risky it is to get exposed to certain environmental factors is the fact that it's only now becoming an obvious issue because a lot of people are showing symptoms a lot later after they have been affected. This is because, back in the day, environments were checked every couple of hours. As a result, it would easily happen that workers and up inhaling toxins or particles of dust without being aware of it.

Luckily, today we have real-time monitoring which is an immense help in terms of letting workers know that they are in danger and that they should get out of a hazardous environment as soon as possible. Furthermore, it makes it a lot easier to monitor areas that haven't been previously explored. As a result, the workers can be provided with the proper protective equipment on time.

A very important thing to have in mind is that, when an injury of any kind happens, both the worker and the employer might be held accountable. That is why it would be wise to consult a personal injury lawyer, so that you are fully prepared for any situation.

In summation

The employer is the person responsible for making sure that every possible precaution is made with the goal to avoid anything unexpected happening to the staff. The unfortunate fact that you have to deal with is that, no matter how well you are prepared for various dangerous situations, accidents can and will happen. So, when they do, you must react right away and get them the care and help that they need.

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