Helpful Guide to Create a LinkedIn Business Page

Creating a LinkedIn Business Page

Launched in November 2018, LinkedIn Pages created a platform that allows institutions, companies, and organizations to connect with their audiences. Similarly, these pages allow consumers to find and assess their favorite companies.

LinkedIn is one of the most happening social media platforms. Every minute, millions of people are active on LinkedIn. On LinkedIn, businesses promote their product and services, professionals look for new opportunities, companies look for potential employees, others use this platform to chat, connect, post, and build new relations.

A LinkedIn business page lets LinkedIn members find, connect, and build a relationship with individual businesses and know about that company's products, services, employment opportunities, brand, etc.

The LinkedIn business page provides numerous advantages to the businesses. In this article, we have provided information regarding how to create a LinkedIn business page, ways to improve the existing pages, and how to make optimized utilization of your business page at LinkedIn.

Why LinkedIn?

LinkedIn had around six hundred million members. If you still don't have a business page on LinkedIn, you might be missing an opportunity of your lifetime. LinkedIn is not about advertising; it is more about reaching potential customers and building a relationship based on trust. As a company, you can use LinkedIn to increase your brand awareness among the target audience.

Some of the benefits of having a LinkedIn business page are:

  • It acts as a perfect platform to post and share important news and updates related to the company. Investors, employees, followers, potential, and existing customers can not only read but also share and review your post.

  • Companies can post jobs on the Career pages and connect with potential employees.

  • Companies can also use LinkedIn to do a background check of the potential candidate, including "employer credit check".

  • Companies can use their LinkedIn business page to build a community. The members of your community include existing or potential buyers, investors, interested professionals, and fans.

  • LinkedIn also helps in improving your company's visibility on the search engines.

How to Use LinkedIn for your Small Business

LinkedIn is considered as a professional social site. Businesses are using this platform for business purposes attracting potential buyers, connecting with people belonging to the same industry, knowing the ongoing trends of the market, etc.

Having a presence on LinkedIn would not only help you increase awareness about your company's products and services but also help you in gaining the trust of buyers. Buyers prefer buying goods from the companies which they trust.

If you are planning to create a LinkedIn page for your business, here are a few ways that can help you reap maximum benefits for your business:

Complete your individual as well as your company's profile

Just because you are running a small company doesn't mean that you do not require a business page. It might take some time to fill all the details, but a complete company page tends to get more attention from the viewers as compared to an incomplete page. More the details about your company, the better it will be.

Information provided on the business page would help viewers to not only find your company easily but would also help them to form a relationship. Details provided by you can play a significant role in influencing investors as well as job seekers who are interested in your company.

Keep updating your images

Cover photo, as well as page logo, plays a vital role in creating the first impression on the viewers. Hence, keeping them up-to-date is very crucial. The cover photo should be a representation of what your company stands for or your latest marketing materials. In case you have multiple social profiles that having a unified presence is very important. Ensure that the cover photo on your LinkedIn business page should match your blog, company's website, and all other digital promotional materials. This will not only help novel viewers, employees, buyers, and investors to locate your company on LinkedIn but would also help in increasing brand awareness.

Share information and engaging content

Once you have created a profile page for your company, you need to post new, unique, and informational posts to keep your audience engaged.

You can post updates related to new job openings, products and services, latest news, and trends related to your market, etc. You can even post content about product development, employee life, and their experiences, etc.

Customize your CTA

CTA or call-to-action is available on the profile page itself. It is next to the "+Follow" button. You can personalize this button as per your own choice. You can use words that might help you in engaging your followers and viewers. You can use the CTA to direct the audience to your company's site, landing pages, etc.

Engage your Employees

LinkedIn is one social platform where employees of a company tend to have more connections. While creating your business page at LinkedIn, encourage your employees to be part of it. If your employees start following your company's page, they can bring more followers from their own connections.

Also, ask your employees to mention the company's name on their profile page. This will link the company's profile page with their profile page. It can be beneficial in attracting potential employees as well as more viewers.

How to Create a LinkedIn Business Page

If you are new to LinkedIn, nothing to worry as creating a business page is quite easy.

  • Open the LinkedIn site and visit LinkedIn Marketing Solutions.

  • Click on the option "LinkedIn Pages". Under this option, click on Create a LinkedIn Page.

  • If you are an existing member at LinkedIn, click on Work drop-down option.

  • Click on Create a LinkedIn Page+.

  • Next, choose your company's type and size. If you are the owner of a small business, choose small business.

  • Fill in all the details of your company.

  • Once you have filled in all the details, click on the checkbox.

  • Click "create page"

  • Complete your Business page - this deals with behind the scene dashboard. You can use this to edit the information on your profile page. It includes writing an "About Us", Location, Cover Photo, and Hashtags.

  • Congratulations! You have successfully created your LinkedIn Business page.

Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Company Page

Once you have created your business page, you can always find ways to improve it. Some easy ways are:

  • Post informational content containing solutions for problems faced by your viewers.

  • Post interesting and engaging images.

  • Post videos related to your company.

  • Use showcase pages to highlight your product and services

  • Try engaging your audience by replying to their comments, conducting contests, asking questions, etc.

  • Post content to win the trust of your audience. You can post content regarding your company's work culture, behind the scene information, etc.

  • Build a company "Follow us" button.

The Bottom Line

Creating a LinkedIn page is not that difficult. However, it is the post creation activities that matter more. Be active on your LinkedIn page. Reply to your viewer's queries asap, this would show that you care. LinkedIn is worth your time and effort.

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