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Designing your own office might seem like the hardest thing in the world, but it's actually quite easy once you realize what you want to accomplish. These are the places where we spend a huge amount of our time and therefore they need to feel cozy, soothing and welcoming, but they also have to convey a certain level of professionalism. That's why a proper office should combine the best of both worlds and mix a few personal items with all your work-related stuff. If you're unsure how to get there, here are a few helpful tips we've gathered.

Lots of light

This is the first thing every professional office needs - a ton of natural light that's going to keep you motivated and show all your business partners that you're an open person who has nothing to hide. Natural light will also help you stay focused from the moment you step into your office till the end of the day, and it also positively affects your mood, health and enthusiasm for work. Therefore, if you want to have a great day at the office, open your windows and let the sunshine it.

Storage area

Small office spaces usually have a problem with their storage since we all need to fit a ton of documents into a limited amount of space. That's why you need to get creative and find alternative storage solutions - from floating and sliding shelves to a huge wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling shelf that's going to accommodate all your things. As long as you have a bit of inspiration and some free time, you'll surely be able to come up with a storage solution that's going to satisfy all your needs and keep your office clean and decluttered.

Proper seating

You can't be expected to spend 40 or 50 hours a week in an uncomfortable chair, can you? If it doesn't suit you, you'll experience spinal pain even when you come back home, and it might seriously damage different parts of your body in the long run, so a quality chair is something you should definitely insist on. And if you can't seem to afford the most expensive model on the market, you should try finding an amazingly comfortable replica Eames chair that's going to provide you with back support for years and years. Keep in mind that a choice of chairs can make or break your work day, so be sure to pick one that's comfy and professional at the same time.

Personal touch

Decorating your office might not be the most ideal way to pass the time, but introducing a few colorful personal items might really make your day more enjoyable. Just a couple of family pictures or motivational posters with a message that speaks directly to you could help you stay focused and remember that you're actually working in order to provide a better future for your family. After all, even your business partners and associates will appreciate you more once they realize you're as family-oriented as they are, and that's the way to make your work area a bit more pleasant than it was before.

More green

Some people think that flowers and plants have nothing to do with a professional office, but that's quite far away from the truth. In fact, plants can significantly improve your office environment, bring dose of nature into your work area, brighten it up a bit and inspire you to bring your "A game" every day of the week. Some of the most popular choices of plants include peace lily, English ivy, snake plant and various sorts of cacti, so finding the perfect plant for your office shouldn't be too hard.

When designing your office, it's easy to get distracted, so keep your mind on what's important: comfort, motivation and professional appeal are the three pillars of modern office design, so try to insist on all three at the same time, and you'll surely create the perfect office space!

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