Office Design Tips That Will Blow Everyone’s Mind

Office Design Tips

Have you noticed how drab and boring most offices look? It’s as if it’s an unspoken rule that, to be considered professional, your office must lack all color and liveliness. In this age of creativity, the approach just won’t fly anymore. You don’t have to be afraid of thinking out of the box anymore because it’s encouraged. In fact, clients nowadays appreciate and value originality, and employees thrive in such an environment. The right design could even end up making or breaking a new business deal.

1. Add a splash of colour

Coming up with a good colour scheme is the essence of every good design. Who said you had to conform to the boring pastel blue and grey that seem to slither their way into every office? Add some colour and make the place livelier. The walls should be soft but appealing to everyone. For example, you might choose to paint the office yellow.

This colour is known to inspire joy and happiness in everyone that lays eyes on it. Green is associated with growth, while red is used for a more passionate approach. You can even use different colors for different rooms in order to inspire a certain mood.

2. Plant it up

Gardening has really become recognized as one of the most rewarding and fulfilling hobbies there is. Being close to nature simply makes us more energized and brighter. Having an office garden may be out of the question, but that doesn’t mean you have to pass up nature entirely. Spicing things up with [a few office plants](https://smallbiz here and there can create a very loving environment. When we see living creatures indoor spaces, we automatically perceive them as more welcoming and cuter.

Your whole design can be on point, but without office plants to tie everything together, the office is bound to feel empty and drab once more. Let’s not forget that you’ll have a lot more oxygen inside, too, making your team overall much healthier. Even walls of plants can be an interesting decorating option. With them, you’ll be able to create the impression of a whole other world just waiting to be discovered.

3. Personal is the way to go

To humanize your office and make it warm and appealing, you’ll need a personal touch. Decoration should be chosen together and it should have a significant meaning for your team. This way, anyone that walks in will be able to sense the harmony and positivity flowing through your workplace. You’ll also give your employees more motivation to work and keep up the good results. In other words, the office will feel like home.

You can do this by encouraging your staff to bring their own decoration from home or make something by themselves. Quirky and cute desk pieces they can make themselves are a fun idea, too. The common room walls should also be decorated with a personal touch. You can do this by framing photos that your team finds funny or inspiring, for example. If you want to go the extra mile, you can even organize an office picture day. A smiling photo of your team can be a great first impression to any possible client.

4. The kitchen is the heart and soul

Every office has one room which is warmer and brighter than all others just because of the way people use it. Of course, we’re talking about the kitchen. Food is the glue that has kept humankind together since the dawn of time. Providing fertile ground for consuming hot beverages and healthy snacks is the basis of having not only a healthy but also a spectacularly gorgeous office environment.

Redo the kitchen by replacing old counters, and add adequate space for office mugs. Even if your employees don’t eat in the office they’re bound to have their morning and afternoon coffee there, which is why the mug space is of utmost importance. This is also the reason you should consider adding Blue Pod office coffee machines to the kitchen, as they just might be the best in the business. Everyone is bound to be knocked off their feet by a cup of coffee of such high quality.

5. Let the sunshine in

If you’re remodeling your office completely, it’s best to include big windows which let natural light in. There’s no better way to come out of the drab environment than by letting the sunshine do the work for you. Regardless of how many office lights you might have, nothing beats the soft and energizing wane of sunrays. The windows should be placed strategically so as to offer maximum luminosity throughout the day.

Sunshine can be a powerful motivator as well as the perfect office decoration. Your people are undoubtedly cooped up all day and they miss the most beautiful parts of the day because they’re stuck at work. By the time they get out, it’s already dark and another day has gone by just like that. With big windows, they’ll be able to enjoy the day as much as everyone outside. This will raise team spirits and make for a healthy and energized crew. Everyone benefits from a little vitamin D.


As your can see, there’s no such thing as too much when it comes to the right design. Whether it’s upgrading your kitchen with state of the art designs or refreshing the wall colour, you’re bound to make your office pop. Aspiring emotion from those who visit your workplace should be the goal, and a carefully thought up design leaves no one with a straight face.

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