10 Old School Techniques That Still Work As Growth Wonders

Business growth is something that most businesses can take control of when they have used old school concepts. They need to use technology as much as they grow their companies, but they should use the old ways to get results while allowing technology to save them some money and time.

Business Growth

Each of the tips below can be very helpful, but you should have implemented them in a way that is best for you, your employees, and your budget.

1. Compare Costs

You can compare the service types, or you could look at ways to keep costs low when negotiating with other businesses. You need to speak to these companies about how they can drop your rates, and they might give you packages that will help you afford the services they offer. You might find that you could change the way that you spend money. It is far easier for you to lower your costs when you speak to your vendors directly.

2. Meet Face-To-Face

You should meet face-to-face with the people that you work with. However, you might find that that can be hard at times. Technology allows you to save money, and you can have a video conference with your partners so that you can have real meetings. You will feel much better because you can see someone's face when you talk to them, and you can use simple programs that do not cost much money.

3. Customer Care

Customer care has to be a focus of the company because there are many companies that used to do nothing but that. They were so focused on the customer that they would not allow their company to lose any part of its image to bad service. This is something that you can do by training your staff, helping them learn the old ways, and focusing more on the customer than your bottom line.

4. Hire Personally

You need to hire people yourself. There are some older companies where even the mailroom boy would be hired by the CEO. This means that the people who start at the lower rungs of the company could move up to other jobs because you took the time to hire them. This might seem like a small thing, but it is very important if you want to give people the chance to get a promotion and move up into your company. This means that you can almost promise people that they can keep getting better jobs over and over again.

5. Consider Liability Insurance for the Tough Times

You've put your all into your business and you work hard to keep it going. So when it comes to protecting it, you want an insurance policy that works hard for you, too. Whether you're a tradie or running a market stall, a trusted business liability insurance; typically referred to as public and products liability insurance, covers your business' liability to pay compensation for personal injury to third parties and damage to their property i.e. members of the public. It also covers the business's liability for incidents relating to the business's products.

6. Make Connections

You have to get to know people when you are working on growing your company. You should remember that you could use these connections to hire new people, get deals on the things that you buy, and change the way that you make partnerships. You could get to know people who run other companies, and you must also see how you could make better decisions because they can give you advice. Imagine how much easier it is when you are going to your phone to call someone that you have gotten to know.


You must have the one ad campaign that you think will be the staple for your company going forward. You need to be sure that you have worked with an ad agency that will give you the best idea possible, and you must ask them to build something that you could use 30 or 40 years from now. This is very important, and you must remember that you can reuse that campaign every year. It might be something as simple as a holiday and that you might have seen for one of those coffee companies, and it connects with people because they love the idea.

8. Market With Referrals

You have to give customer care that is so good you are getting constant referrals. You must use the networking of your industry to make some more connections, and you are also in a place where you could gain referrals because they have been told about your company by someone else. You must push for referrals by asking your customers to let their friends and family know, and you might begin to notice that you could easily get more referrals if that is a true focus of your business.

9. Sophistication

Sophisticated offices grow when everyone is in the right frame of mind. If everyone looks good in their suits and dresses, you will find that you could get more work done in the course of a day. You want to create an environment where you have a workspace that pushes everyone to do better work.

10. Normal Office Hours

You need to keep normal office hours so that your employees can go home and have a normal life with their families. Someone who is trying to conserve their resources can fit all their work into a normal day, and they should not ask people to stay over. Normal office hours keep family units secure at home.


Someone who plans to use the old school techniques to grow their company, and you could look at how old school companies could update their tactics for the modern day. There are many things that you can do to keep the company growing, and you will make it so that the company has better customer service. These little things create a company that grows faster because it is organized, connected, and get referrals from happy customers.

Guest Author

Craig Evans

Craig Evans is a finance fanatic and tech junkie based in Sydney, Australia. I like to impart my knowledge and insights on the latest business industry news.