Turn Your House into a Staycation Paradise

Backyard Paradise

After the coronavirus pandemic, the global travel industry will never be the same. Not only is it expensive to travel both abroad and nationally, but there are certain destinations you cannot travel to. Luckily, you can still replace your annual vacation with a staycation. However, before you are ready to "visit" your backyard it should be turned into a luxurious resort and every traveler's paradise.

A fire pit for fall "travels"

Apart from photos from the beach, you are probably most envious of the people who have their pictures taken on a carpet of fallen leaves in fall. You can also use the most of this season by building a do-it-yourself fire pit in your backyard.

For the hearth, you need large stones you can salvage from your property, glue them together, and then add firewood inside. Then all you need are marshmallows to roast and horror stories to tell to your friends and family.

Spruce out the "hotel room" i.e. the bedroom

We all remember the first time when we visited a hotel as children and jumped on the hotel room's bed. You can recreate this feeling by changing a couple of things in your home's bedroom. These updates are small in volume and cheap to execute: change the color of the sheet, add new draperies, place a mat on the floor in front of the bed, or get a flower vase. All these inconspicuous updates will make you feel as if the room you sleep in isn't yours but part of a luxurious resort you are presently staying at.

Cooking outside

A pool party is something that hotel guests look forward to the most. However, you needn't have a real swimming pool in your backyard to throw a great party. Essentially, all you need to do is to transfer a section of your kitchen outside. Connect the sink to a water tap and voila, you've got yourself an exterior kitchen! In summer, your home will not get overheated from barbecuing.

Tending to the patio area

Now, the kitchen is going to be located near the house and the seating area is going to be on the deck as well. However, the weather isn't always going to be ideal for spending time outside (rain and strong sunlight can ruin your staycation). Installing a pergola roof will help you protect the outside of your house, so you can have a staycation regardless of the weather conditions.

A "new" garden set

It is impossible to soak up the sun without a comfortable chair the lounge in. However, your garden furniture is probably beaten up and doesn't resemble the tables and chairs you would find a luxury resort. You can freshen up the furniture by adding a new mash or vinyl straps that will make the furniture look both modern and brand new.

An opulent water feature

As mentioned earlier, you needn't invest thousands of dollars in a backyard swimming pool to add a sense of opulence to your home. A water feature like a fountain or even a splash pad will suffice for a pleasurable staycation. The sound of running water helps us relax and sleep better which is pretty much the only thing we want to do during a staycation. All you need now is a comfy hammock to doze off in.

Install a hammock in the backyard

Many homeowners shy away from garden hammocks because they think they're either too expensive or too complicated to be installed properly. There are ready-made hammocks available at every garden Centre and they are rather easy to install. Basically, all you need to do is find two stable trees that are at least 3 meters apart. As an alternative, you can drill a peg in the wall of your house to secure the hammock.

A ceiling fan is more appealing than an AC unit

If you dream of traveling to an exotic island, then you probably don't expect to see an AC unit in your hotel room/hut. However, this doesn't mean that you should be sweating all day because such accommodation comes with a huge ceiling fan.

For a dream-like staycation, you should install a ceiling fan in your house as well, mainly in the kitchen. Not only will a ceiling fan cool down the air temperature inside a given room but it will help circulate the air inside, creating a fresh breeze you associate with walks on the beach at sunset.

Building a screen door

Speaking of rustic accommodation, don't you just love it when the doors give out that antique screak? You can recreate the sound by adding a screen door to your front door. A screen door keeps all the flying pests outside and allows sunshine to come inside your house in the morning, waking you up naturally, just like it would when you are holidaying.

Just because you are not traveling abroad this season, doesn't mean that you can have a great staycation. From a fire pit to a pergola room, your home can be transformed into a true staycation paradise!

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