What Board Game Is Your Business?

Every business is unique but can be categorized within a larger grouping. You may have never thought of your business in terms of a board game, but we're trying to get you thinking. We enjoy challenging people so we challenge you to see if any of the games below match up to your business strategy. If you don't feel that any of the board games below fit, we'd love to hear what board game you feel you think does fit your company so tell us @StartChucktown on twitter.

  • Sorry

    Do you constantly feel that you are chasing your competitors? Do you feel like you are playing catch up with bigger players in your market? You might be the game of sorry. Don't worry several more turns and you could be sending your competition back to the drawing board. Never count yourself out. Keep focused on growing your business but keep tabs on your competition at all times. When you overtake a competitor you'll be happy you kept playing.

  • Perfection

    Do you always seem to be working up until the last minute of a deadline to hit the mark? Are you anxious or concerned that you may not get everything done before your deadline arrives? You are probably to busy watching or listening to the countdown to see the longer term picture. You may eventually want to change games before you reach a stressful breaking point. If you want to keep playing this game, look at process improvements and ways to increase efficiency to alleviate the stress of the countdown.

  • Operation

    Are you constantly striving for perfection? Do you make quick adjustments every time you experience a problem? You might feel like you are looking down on the operating table. There is absolutely nothing wrong with working toward perfection, just don't let it get in the way of progress. Set expectations clearly so people focus on quality not on worrying about messing up to the point they can't function properly.

  • Twister

    Do you enjoy showing your competition what you can do? Have you put your company into awkward positions just to beat your competition? You are probably on the matt waiting for your next maneuver. If you are concerned about maintaining an uncomfortable position just to outlast the competition, it may be time to change games. If you are comfortable with this approach, I'd at least advise doing some creative stretching frequently.

  • Risk

    Do you enjoy strategy and planning? Are you out to dominate all competition not just local and regional competitors? It sounds like you are building an empire. Building an empire takes time, but when the right moves are made at the right time it can debilitate your competition. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility (please don't crush us).

Remember business is a type of game, so try to have fun. You may feel like you've lost a turn from time to time, but you will get back on track before you know it.

Disclaimer: The board games mentioned above are registered trademarks of their respective companies. We are only using their names for illustrative purposes and are in no way implying ownership, partnership nor endorsement of said products. However, we feel they are all enjoyable and interesting games.