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Just over a week ago I had the pleasure of listening to a very interesting pitch by a local startup called ".UNLTD". What really stuck out to me was that they are looking to turn music streaming on its head.

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Celebrating Our 5th Anniversary

Today, June 6, 2018 we are celebrating our 5th year of helping, connecting and informing entrepreneurs and startups. This is such an epic milestone.

I want to personally thank all of our readers and guest contributors. You are the reason I started this blog back in 2013.

Honestly, I didn't expect such a strong response when I started this blog. I created it as a way to share my own learning along my entrepreneurial journey. I also couldn't be happier to have such a great group of guest authors helping push it even further.

This is still my platform to help elevate others, both writers and entrepeneurs. So if you are a writer, an entrepreneur or both reach out and I'll do my best to use this platform to give you more eyes and ears. That is my sincere promise.

Startup Chucktown Founder Jef Lippiatt

Importance of Going Places

Just over a week ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Katie Blomquist, Founder and Executive Director, of Going Places a local Charleston nonprofit focused on providing low income, high poverty kids with the most basic childhood right, joy.

Katie Blomquist

On Today, "Giving Tuesday", I hope you will consider this great organization when you think about donating to great causes. If you are interested, checkout their current campaign.

We pride ourselves on calling Charleston home to our ventures, but must not forget that we need to help out and look for ways to ensure our city stays great.

Checkout what Going Places is doing in their Founder's own words below:

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When Knowledge Becomes Ignorance

There is a difference between a smart person and a know-it-all. The main difference is how you feel when they are in the room (and conversation) and when they leave. A smart person generally shares what they know in a way that builds trust while giving relatable context to the information. A know-it-all usually makes you feel dumb, insignificant, or upset.

But can you ever be too smart for your own good? Yes. There is a tipping point in us all. How or why it is triggered will vary based on our individual motivations and beliefs. But make no mistake about it, we all are dangerously close to making one bad decision.

That decision is that we are smart enough. Many people reach a point where they either have actively decided that they don't need to keep learning because "they know enough" or they don't believe there is anything else worth learning (they are the expert's expert).

As a business owner (or even a very high-level employee) this is can have a far-reaching ripple effect. I see this as "Willful Blind…

What's The Big Idea?

What's the Big Idea?

Join us for What's The Big Idea? pitch event, in cooperation with the Daniel Island News, Wednesday, March 22 in the Ballroom of the Daniel Island Club.

Event Info Wed, March 22, 2017 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM EDT Tickets:

6 Entrepreneurs pitch to a panel of accredited investors for feedback and hopefully investing in their startup. Stay to network with the investors and entrepreneurs.

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