On The Edge Of Dig South

Are you going to DIG SOUTH next week?

I'll be there all 3 days, representing my new venture Cardonic. Cardonic is a line of sarcastic and snarky greeting cards for people looking to get reactions. Some very exciting things are starting to materialize (new product lines coming in the near future). But, we can talk about Cardonic more at DIG SOUTH.

I of course will be happy to hear about your exciting ventures as well. I'm always open to local startups looking to get a bit of press, so if you are interested let me know. I'd be happy to feature your venture in a post or do a review of your product.

The blog here may quiet down next week, at least during the festival. But rest assured that after the festivities have wraped up, I'll be adding summaries and featuring interesting content that I've experienced (in case you couldn't make it there yourself).

Want to connect or catch something to drink?

Tweet at me on @StartChucktown or @CardonicCards