8 Excellent Marketing Tools For Successful 2019

Excellent Marketing Tools

There are thousands of excellent marketing tools on the web for the business sector. These tools can improve employee morale, enhance social media presence, help the business grow and contribute to the success of products and services. Eight of the best tools available are described below.

Employee Training

When the employees are efficient and motivated, the business will be more successful. Many top businesses have motivation training for their employees to ensure they understand the products or services of the business. Various softwares are available to plan out training sessions. Also, there are agencies that conduct training programs. These training sessions must be created in such a manner that employees feel they are an important part of the business and their contributions make a difference. Set up different categories and award small bonuses or prizes to the employee who performs best in each category every month.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a critical tool for digital marketing. Businesses can use the full capabilities to understand their customers and increase sales. Customers can be tracked as time passes to determine their engagement with the business website. The tool is both excellent and complicated. Using a free course called Google Analytics Academy is recommended.

The Channel Incentive Campaign Platform

A channel incentive platform encourages specific behavior and motivates channel partners. It can be a much powerful & helpful tool when it comes to increase employee morale. In general, the focus is placed on a specific service or product with a set time frame. The incentive is either a reward or a bonus. Monetary bonuses work extremely well.


Moz provides businesses with SEO tools including a nice site crawler, keyword research tools, analyzing tools and backlink tools. Many of these tools are free. Moz instantly provides the metrics for all website pages. This tool will help improve the SEO of the business and increase sales.

Smart & Savvy Tools

Every business should invest in the latest equipment and tools whenever possible. This will increase productivity, motivate the staff and enable them to complete their work more efficiently. If the equipment and tools are out of date, the employees will be slowed by the limited functionality. Technologically advanced equipment makes it easier and faster for the employees to complete their tasks and increases productivity. A good example is providing employees with a wireless notebook. This will increase functionality, efficiency, productivity and output. Every business has some type of equipment that should be upgraded with something better.


Canva is an excellent tool for providing businesses with professional looking images. Social graphics become easy to create. Infographics, CTA buttons and social graphics can improve the bottom line of the business. Canva provides a tremendous selection of templates, graphics and fonts or the business can create their own. This is an idea tool for any business unable to access the more complicated design programs.

Screaming Frog SEO

This is a crawling tool to improve SEO. Information is provided regarding the site that can be downloaded and used for reference at a later date. The tool covers Numerous elements including Javascript, CSS and HTML. Screaming Frog SEO can be linked with other tools to provide additional information.


This is an additional and effective tool for SEO. A complete SEO workflow is provided including a backlink audit and technical SEO. This tool is also effective for content creation, social media and PPC.

Choosing the Right Tools

It is important to choose the right tools for the business. Many of these tools are free and the business can experiment to see which ones provide the best results. Every business needs to develop an effective digital marketing solution.

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