The Incremental Content Funnel

Like many of you, I have constantly been looking at how to adjust the content I share. There literally are tons of strategies out there (so search the internet with caution). However, today I wanted to share how I've adjusted my own content funnel.

What is a content funnel? It is really nothing more than a term for how I generate my content. If you are like me or many other entrepreneurs and startups you may find it daunting to constantly create wave after wave of new content. If you aren't careful, you can spend tons of time just spinning your wheels on ideas.

So don't do that. Instead, create content that grows incrementally with your audience and the platform or platforms you use to share content. Below is a breakdown of my current Incremental Content Funnel.

  • Generate Ideas on sticky note - I keep a running list of ideas on a sticky note. It is fast to add or edit ideas and they are fairly portable. I keep this list (or at least a blank sticky note near me at all times).

  • Wavve - Wavve is a mobile app that lets you share short audio snippets with show hosts and other audience members. It's a great way to weigh in on a topic. I typically post startup related snippets that are only 1 - 2 minutes long. This keeps it short and engaging. (as a local Charleston startup Baird and Nick are building an awesome business). Wavve also has great Twitter integration!

  • Periscope - Periscope is great live-streaming tool put out by Twitter. I dig the app because it is easy to use and has awesome Twitter integration. I take the same topic from a Wavve post and expand upon it a bit ranging from 2 - 5 minutes. This video is live as well as recorded. So if you miss the live stream, you can still check it out later.

  • Youtube - I mostly use Youtube as an extension of Periscope. I typically post my Periscope videos onto Youtube within a week or so of my Periscope broadcast. This doesn't really add new information to the content, but it does make it available for a wider audience to consume.

  • Blog Articles - I will then take the same content topic and expand upon it in the form a blog post. This will typically be the most in-depth look at the topic. Sometimes I will integrate the video into the article (I'm still experimenting with that). The article will appear in at least one blog I contribute to. This one (Startup Chucktown's), my LinkedIn blog, Launch Pad's blog or my blog on Medium.

  • Twitter - Twitter is the backbone of my content funnel because I find it the easiest to engage with community on their platform. Remember to understand how your content is being processed and received you need to interact with your audience.

So, now that you know my Incremental Content Funnel, I'd really like to hear your approach on the topic. If you aren't currently using this process are you willing to give it a try?