Jump Start Your Venture

What are you waiting for?

Trying to figure out where to start when you on trying to start a business can be frustrating. I've gone through that pain myself. I decided to round up some resources that I've used and make them readily available to all.

I'm still in the process of adding additional details and resources, but I encourage you to checkout JumpStart. You'll find a plethora of links that can speed up your adventure into business.

What else does JumpStart Cover?

So, going it alone as an entrepreneur can be a rough road. Don't get lonely, get involved in the community. You'll find a variety of meet up events, local conferences and news and media coverage. There are also lists for business pitch events, angel investors and venture capitalist groups along with local coworking spaces and accelerators.

Get efficient!

JumpStart also has lists of tools and platforms to get you started for low to no cost. The list of resources covers communication, project management, e-commerce and loads of other great tools and software. If you think a resource is missing from batch, let me know.