Periscope Up for Startup Motiv

Have you noticed the new curious button in the sidebar? Perhaps you caught me streaming from a tweet in your feed.

I've decided to start broadcasting on Periscope. Currently, I'm still working on the kinks (frequency, vertical or horizontal, length, etc.). I've decided to call the sessions "Startup Motiv". I've purposely left the "e" out because focusing entrepreneurial motivation as much as motives. I'm aiming to keep each session between 2 to 7 minutes.

Periscope now allows clips to last longer than 24 hours, however, I've decided to continue posting the clips on Youtube as an additional outlet to catch the clips you may miss.

Again, I haven't nailed down a specific schedule or broadcasting time, but most will probably occur within the typical range for lunch (11:30 AM - 1:30 PM). Like I said, I'm just starting to navigate these new waters. If you have feedback or are interested in me covering a specific topic, I'm all ears.

Chime in on Twitter at @StartChucktown