Put Me In Coach

As entrepreneurs we often overlook some of our greatest assets, our knowledge. As you build your business you may not realize how much information you've acquired on a specific topic or industry. Chances are there are many skill sets you've picked up out of necessity (depending on the size of your team and your budget).

Have you thought about leveraging that knowledge in new ways? I know that you are thinking, "who has the time?" But I promise you that doubling down on your area of expertise can lead to really great things for you business.

The most common ways that entrepreneurs leverage their expertise including, blogging, podcasting and speaking engagements. However, for those to pay off you must continually develop new content. Why not create content that can be reused for lead generation or teaching your expertise to others?

That is exactly what Coach will help you do. Simply put, Coach will help "Build your own online business by selling courses, booking time with clients and more."

I'm sharing this resource with you because I've found it useful myself. I started using the platform awhile ago, but wanted to have firsthand knowledge of the platform before sharing it out. What am I using it for? I'm teaching some of my ideation and product development techniques. I hope you'll check out my first class.

You can upload a variety of media including, video, audio, images, documents, links and general text. You can even choose whether to charge or offer your course for free.

Last week I had the opportunity to speak with Spencer Fry, Coach Founder and CEO. He gave me some insight into upcoming enhancements to the Coach platform. He mentioned that Paypal integration is coming as well as the ability to add landing pages and email clients directly through the platform. Spencer is very open to feedback and the Coach team is constantly adding improvements.

So is leveraging your expertise on Coach right for you? It's free to find out, so join the platform and experiment.