6 Habits to Help You Succeed

Success is a mindset, so double down on these habits

  • Stay Teachable - It is important as you grow your business journey that you remain teachable. Why? It is an attitude of humility that recognizes there is always more to learn. If you are looking for a mentor (which you should be unless you have one), this is key. Mentors want to know they are adding value, so to keep one ensure you are listening, trying their advice and asking questions.

  • Stay Adaptable - Is this similar to staying teachable? Yes. It is that important. Being adaptable is about having awareness. You need the ability to recognize when things aren't working and why they aren't working. Don't continue a routine that isn't working for the sake of following the "playbook". Situations change. Customers change. Technologies change. Be willing to get rid of processes and products that aren't producing the right results.

  • Be Helpful - Add value back into the ecosystem. Remember those that have helped you along the way (even if it was from someone setting the wrong example). Share your knowledge with those in your organization or those just starting on their business journey. We all need help from time to time.

  • Be Audacious - As entrepreneurs and business owners this is vitally important. You have to be bold and go all in on your ideas. The status quo is not a rewarder of those who follow it. Yeah, it'll be uncomfortable, but that is where you have some of the best revelations.

  • Persevere - Failure tends to have a real and/or imagined stigmata. However, most of the time it is just moving beyond it in your own head. Remember that failure only problematic if you let it becoming a lasting condition or you refuse to learn something from it (remember stay teachable). Get back up and try again. You may chase a different industry or perhaps you refocus and launch version 2.0.

  • Dream Proactively - We all have dreams and goals, that's probably what led to starting a business. However, don't let your dreaming become passive (a.k.a. daydreaming). Dream with action. Put effort behind those dreams and take steps toward the goal every single day. Action will keep you motivated because you'll see things taking shape.

Always keep these habits in mind.