I Dare You to Trust Me

Believing the experts blindly comes at great cost. Sure many experts are on point and full of great insights. However, each of us has blind spots or occasionally miss the mark. So what, right?

Consider that becoming an expert involves more than just following sage advice from those that have gone before us. We become experts by exploring our hunches and making bold predictions in the face of the impossible. Yes, this leads us to faltering from time to time, but trying to avoid forging your own path will come at a much greater cost.

If you only listen and repeat what current experts say, you are nothing more than a parrot that sings the praises of an existing expert. To become an expert yourself, you have to go into the wilderness of making your own decisions. You will at some point say something contrary to what other experts are saying, but what if you are right? Don't doubt your own intellect and education.

You must continually absorb new information and decide whether to incorporate or discard it. This is no easy task, but you need to constantly question validity. Perhaps, I'm right, but what are the ramifications if I'm not?

I'm not encouraging being argumentative or disagreeable needlessly, but am encouraging you to use the intellect you have and educate yourself on topics for clarity. Becoming an expert takes time, but your unique view may be just what others need.

You believe me, right?