Types of Employees That Are Bad for Your Startup

Types of Employees

You can either work 9 to 5, or hustle 24/7. The latter is true of all successful business owners, especially during the startup stage.

For the business that is in the middle of a startup, both the employer and the employees need to have the same vision. Their goals and values must align and complement one another so that the hard work will get done. Often times this work is done in less than ideal conditions and for much less money than both the business owner and the employees would like to be receiving. Holding to the vision will help get you through, but only if you have the right team underneath you.

46% of startups go under in their first year and a half due to employee incompetence and laziness. The statistic alone shows that hiring the right people from the beginning is crucial to seeing your business through to the stabilization phase. However, hiring the right employee is not just about skill set. Attitude is everything.

Employees that Destroy Startups

Expect Traditional Roles

When it comes to building a startup, your company is trying to do something that's never been done before. This is the only way to remain competitive in the 2019 market. This means that employees need to anticipate taking on jobs that are not inside of their "job description".

Everyone within your business will be needing to wear multiple hats. This means that your IT guy needs to be able to handle clients. He can't just be a recluse that stays behind the computer and only emerges for free donuts. Additionally, your PR girl should also know her way around the computer.

While your employees are hired to do specific jobs, new projects, new enterprises and new information are always coming up for startups. There is always more work to do than there is workforce. This means that your employees need to be competent in a broader range of duties to cover daily tasks when someone calls in sick.

Avoid Taking Responsibility

Your toxic employees avoid taking on responsibility. These are the employees who stick to their job description but who also do not even complete their jobs on time. You need a team of people who can be your go to. Not just one or two, but a whole team of people that you can count on in a crisis.

Lower Morale

Employees who lower morale are those employees who gossip, backbite and complain about their additional responsibilities.

However, these employees can manifest in other ways. Employees that lower morale are those employees who don't say anything helpful. They do their job in the minimal capacity. They say they're going to complete tasks and create issues by not completing them on time.

Employees who lower morale are both socially and professionally inconsistent and unhelpful.

Refuse to Use Technology You Provide

Employees who refuse to use technology are the doom of any modern startup.

Technology is constantly changing. Marketing strategies, computer software, customer service marketing, even communication through the office using data sharing in the cloud and chat or Bluetooth headphones for communication is always a beneficial innovation. Technology and its utilization is crucial for engaging your business with society. This societal engagement is the lifeblood of your business because it promotes efficiency, visibility and team unity. Team members who refuse to upgrade to new forms of technology create disconnects among your team - literally.

Can't Problem Solve

Lastly, employees who are unable to problem solve have no business being in a startup. Startups are a series of new initiatives which are meant to engage the public with the product. If an employee is not willing to Google how to fix their computer before running to the IT guy, if an employee is not willing to rearrange their daily schedule to optimize task flow, if an employee is not willing to reach out to another employee and ask for more tasks when they are complete for the day, the employee has no business being your startup.

Tips for Gaining Good Employees

Now there are several ways to screen out good employees from bad employees.

When having your employees submit their application, create a program which has a basic personality test for the employees. Then, as a business owner, you can use the results of the personality test to tailor your interview questions for the employee to see how they will respond in different scenarios. This will give you a better idea of what their attitudes are in addition to knowing their skill sets from their resumes.

There are also ways to turn bad employees into better employees. Providing solid employee education and training from the beginning will help employees to recognize that there is a standard to be met. By establishing your company values from the beginning, you show your workers that it takes serious work to be a part of your startup.

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