Just over a week ago I had the pleasure of listening to a very interesting pitch by a local startup called ".UNLTD". What really stuck out to me was that they are looking to turn music streaming on its head.

Damian Bennet, the startup's founder, gave a compelling pitch during a local 1 Million Cups meetup here in Charleston.

Damian's passion for music and his venture really showed. The aim of .UNLTD is that listeners should have the ability to directly support artists they enjoy. Artists make money from their own content directly from their listeners and supporters.

The artists retain full control of their content and get to cut out the middel men that so often take quite a large share of the artists potential earnings. So why not become a creative partner and a listener?

Join .UNLTD today and start streaming and supporting musical artists that inspire you throughout your day.

Check out .UNLTD on Twitter, Instagram, and Soundcloud