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Charleston Build Guild

Announcing the Charleston Build Guild meetup. What is it? It will be a monthly gathering for all web folks that enjoy chatting over drinks. The group is growing and aiming to have their first meetup after reaching 50 members (currently they are at 39). So why not join now?

So who is at the helm of this new group? That is none other than Aaron Carpenter, a recent transplate to Charleston by way of Traverse City, Michigan. I encourage you to checkout his venture Legendary Lion Web Design as well.

Dimenstional Audio

If you are looking to make your website, videos or advertisements more vibrant, you need to checkout Dimensional Audio.

Dimensional Audio is run by IIan Ponimansky. He plays a variety of instruments including guitar, piano and drums and everything he creates is done in-house.

Whether you are looking for a theme song, jingle or video track Dimensional Audio can craft something unique for your needs. They even offer mixing and mastering services for previously recorded tracks.

Check out this metal sample of theirs below:

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Losing Track of Time

Losing time. It happens to all of us. But I specifically failed to see a milestone date come and go. Luckily it isn't anything that will get me into hot water.

It was Startup Chucktown's 3rd Anniversary (back on June 6th). I'm not sure how I failed to see that coming, other than not setting a reminder.

I just wanted to take a quick moment and thank those of you that stay engaged with the blog and Twitter feed. This is all for you and hopefully you find the content interesting and useful. If you ever want coverage on a specific topic or your startup venture, please reach out.

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Periscope Up for Startup Motiv

Have you noticed the new curious button in the sidebar? Perhaps you caught me streaming from a tweet in your feed.

I've decided to start broadcasting on Periscope. Currently, I'm still working on the kinks (frequency, vertical or horizontal, length, etc.). I've decided to call the sessions "Startup Motiv". I've purposely left the "e" out because focusing entrepreneurial motivation as much as motives. I'm aiming to keep each session between 2 to 7 minutes.

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Digging Women In The Local Tech Scene

I meant to share this earlier, but time has flown by since DIG SOUTH. My apologies on not getting around to this faster.

I was one of the few (perhaps 4) men that attended the Women In Tech panel during DIG SOUTH. First, let me say the panel was fantastic. I was happy to see that the venue was packed for the session, but disappointed by the lack of male turn out. It is always good to hear and experience different perspectives.

Michelle Van Jura of Intersect Communications did a fantastic job moderating the Women In Tech panel session. Also of note on the panel was Titania Jordan host of Atlanta Tech Edge. The panel did a wonderful job address a variety different situations from the female perspective.

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