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We normally only cover local and regional news aside from our other articles. So why give a shout out to New York? Recently I connected with Dan DeVece from NYU on twitter. Dan is part of a program called MBAs Across America and his team is coming to Charleston from June 28 through July 3. The team is comprised of four recent MBA graduates from NYU Stern School of Business in New York City.

The Goal of MBAs Across America is:

"We believe that the future of America lies in the hands of entrepreneurs, not just in New York and Silicon Valley, but in small towns and big cities far from the coast and away from the hype. That the future of business school is hands-on, on the ground, and must prepare a new generation to drive real progress. That the future of our society depends on those who dare to leave behind the well-worn path to seek a better world. So this isn't a road trip. It's a movement."

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Rocket Your Marketing

Last week I connected with Chad Slagle the Co-founder and COO of MobRocket. We had a great exchange on Twitter and I wanted to share their venture with you. Chad has great enthusiasm for both the MobRocket team and product. MobRocket is currently in beta-testing, but will officially launch on May 20th (just over a week away).

MobRocket is a viral marketing platform that easily enables you to connect with more potential customers. The system focuses on aligning a giveaway with time-sensitive coupons. As customers sign up and spread the word their chances of winning go up.

Don't just take our word for it, check out this video about their platform: Read more…

Local College Launches Startup Program

This past semester, the College of Charleston has launched a new program centered on helping students create technology focused startup ventures. The program is called the International Cross-curricular Accelerator for Technology (ICAT). The college is aiming to help fuel the growth of local startups here in the 'Silicon Harbor'.

Through funding from the Business and Computer Science schools at the college, the Entrepreneurship program has put together a select group of 24 for students for its inaugural launch. The students are made up of Liberal Arts majors, Business majors and Computer Science majors. The students formed teams of 3 with the goal of forming and launching a Lean Startup company or service which incorporates a technological product.

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A Look At Lunadesk

When you think about managing your venture, what comes to mind? I'm guessing you may have started making a mental list, probably things you wish were running more smoothly. No doubt, there are lots of things to keep track of when managing your business on a daily basis.

Lunadesk is a Service as a Service (SaaS) that enables you to manage your business efficiently. They provide a hosted solution for managing your business so you don't have to worry about the details. We haven't used their service, but we think they could be a valuable asset to help you run your business. Bonus, they are a fairly local resource being located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Let's briefly look at what Lunadesk has to offer.

Cost: $8/employee/month - Discounts are available for larger businesses. The cost also includes features that are added in the future.

In their own words they have this to say: Read more…

We All Have Questions

We are happy to be celebrating 1 year of Startup Chucktown today. We have learned many lessons in our first year and have made a great number of connections. But all celebrating aside, we still have questions, perhaps like many of you.

Charleston is full of hungry entrepreneurs and startup teams, and it is steadily growing. It is still our mission to help entrepreneurs and startup ventures in every industry and stage of entrepreneurship. So with that in mind, we have recently launched Ask&Answer, a new destination for our community to interact with one another. It is our hope that Ask&Answer will be your first stop when you have questions related to entrepreneurship.

It is very likely that a question you have, is one others either currently have or have had previously. Why not post it to our local community? Maybe you don't currently have any questions, but hopefully you are willing to help answer those who are looking for feedback. Our goal is to represent perspectives from people thinking about leaping i…