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Digging Women In The Local Tech Scene

I meant to share this earlier, but time has flown by since DIG SOUTH. My apologies on not getting around to this faster.

I was one of the few (perhaps 4) men that attended the Women In Tech panel during DIG SOUTH. First, let me say the panel was fantastic. I was happy to see that the venue was packed for the session, but disappointed by the lack of male turn out. It is always good to hear and experience different perspectives.

Michelle Van Jura of Intersect Communications did a fantastic job moderating the Women In Tech panel session. Also of note on the panel was Titania Jordan host of Atlanta Tech Edge. The panel did a wonderful job address a variety different situations from the female perspective.

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Jump Start Your Venture

What are you waiting for?

Trying to figure out where to start when you on trying to start a business can be frustrating. I've gone through that pain myself. I decided to round up some resources that I've used and make them readily available to all.

I'm still in the process of adding additional details and resources, but I encourage you to checkout JumpStart. You'll find a plethora of links that can speed up your adventure into business.

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Authentic Workplace

How do you know you've created a great venture? The people already working with you enjoy it and outsiders are eager to join your organization. But a better question is, how do you ensure you are positioning your venture to maintain this status? And how do you attain being a great place to work if you feel you aren't there currently?

Take a listen to this podcast from Harvard Business Review IDEACAST on "Simple Rules for Creating Great Places to Work"

  1. Difference Beyond Diversity
  2. Radical Honesty
  3. Add Extra Value
  4. Authenticity
  5. Meaningful Job
  6. Give Simple Agreed Rules

Authenticity Matters

Everyday Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur is more of a mindset and journey than an innate gift. Entrepreneurship is something you must actively pursue on a daily basis. Jason Li gives a great talk for TedxUChicago on this very topic. Watch the video with an open mind, you'll definitely enjoy it.

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In Good Form

Recently I spent sometime interacting with FormSwift and, I must say, if you need to create and edit forms, it has a very slick interface. I enjoyed that the entire process was fast and efficient. Why else is FormSwift great? They have a variety of free legal forms that you can download and print. FormSwift stands out from some similar offerings like Docracy because they curate and maintain the forms themselves. This ensures a high quality end result and helps you save time from having to do tons of searching for a template.

FormSwift also offers some great pointers for creating a business plan with their online example. And that's not all, FormSwift isn't just a resource for creating and editing forms and documents, you can digitally sign them as well.

I can't speak to all of FormSwift's functionality, but so far, it seems to be a very useful tool. Have you tried it yet?