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Android Vs. iOS - What You Need to Know about Android

Android vs iOS

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Google's Android and Apple's iOS are the operating systems generally used in the mobile technology, like in smartphones and tablets. Android is Linux based and partly the source is open. However, iOS' uniform designed elements are seen sometimes to be more user friendly.

People must think about switching phones as after doing that, they will need to buy apps over again from the Google Play or Apple App Store. Android is the World's most commonly used smartphone platform. Even the maximum number of mobile phone manufacturers are using this platform.

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5 Ways Technology Affects the Modern Workplace

Technology Affects the Modern Workplace

The modern business world is centered on technology, as smart software and innovative hardware become inextricable parts of every 21st-century workplace. From managing entire logistics processes for retail enterprises, to helping individual employees automate many a menial task and maintain top day-long productivity, the modern office environment thrives under the wings of technology and intuitive software solutions.

While every novelty comes with its ups and downs, modern workplace tech compensates for its shortcomings (such as rendering certain job descriptions obsolete or creating a culture of dependency between employees and their office gadgets) with its unparalleled ease of use, versatility, and the ability to expedite numerous tedious tasks while allowing the individual to put effort into reaching long-term goals. Let's take a look at the five ways technology is reshaping the modern workplace.

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