7 Business Fields to get into in 2018

7 Business Fields to get into in 2018

As a business type, small businesses have never been more popular! With startups sprouting all around the world, the climate is just perfect for you to give your own idea a go. If your dream is being a business owner but you don't quite know which branch of business to opt for, we hope that this article will give you a rough insight into the most popular small business ideas to get into in 2018.

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Celebrating Our 5th Anniversary

Today, June 6, 2018 we are celebrating our 5th year of helping, connecting and informing entrepreneurs and startups. This is such an epic milestone.

I want to personally thank all of our readers and guest contributors. You are the reason I started this blog back in 2013.

Honestly, I didn't expect such a strong response when I started this blog. I created it as a way to share my own learning along my entrepreneurial journey. I also couldn't be happier to have such a great group of guest authors helping push it even further.

This is still my platform to help elevate others, both writers and entrepeneurs. So if you are a writer, an entrepreneur or both reach out and I'll do my best to use this platform to give you more eyes and ears. That is my sincere promise.

Startup Chucktown Founder Jef Lippiatt

Legitimate Ways to Make Money from Home

Make Money from Home

Modern technology, especially as it relates to communication, has opened up numerous opportunities for both companies and talented individuals. There are now many ways to freelance or even work full-time online. Some run entire companies without ever meeting their team in person.

Like with any other job, done in a traditional setting, online careers should be chosen and cultivated not only based on how lucrative they are, but also based on your interests and expertise. The internet also provides plenty of channels and platforms to expand on those skills and to learn.

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Essential Guide TO Mastering The Startup Office Security

Office Security

One of the biggest nightmares to any office is a break-in. No matter what line of work you're in, even if there is nothing particularly valuable to steal, the very idea of someone rummaging around your office when you don't want them to is chilling. And for some companies, intellectual property theft is worse than the theft of any amount of money, hardware or jewelry. At worst, somebody may end up getting hurt.

This is why you need to get proper security set up in your office. Don't think of this as something that just happens to other people - it can happen to you. And no, an insurance policy and a padlock is not enough.

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5 Simple Budgeting Tips for Your Business

Pencil Point

Starting your own business sure takes a lot of money. Unfortunately, your expenses don't end once your company is up and running. This means you need to use a budget to meet your financial goals. However, a lot of entrepreneurs don't do this simply because they believe the effort required for budgeting is just too much. Still, this isn't the case and with just a few simple tips, you could have your budget up and running. We singled out 5 of these you'll definitely want to check out.

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