8 Excellent Marketing Tools For Successful 2019

Excellent Marketing Tools

There are thousands of excellent marketing tools on the web for the business sector. These tools can improve employee morale, enhance social media presence, help the business grow and contribute to the success of products and services. Eight of the best tools available are described below.

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4 Ways to Streamline Your Content Marketing Efforts

Streamline Content Marketing

It's the end of February 2019, and businesses are already gearing up to launch their greatest marketing campaigns of the year. All these marketing campaigns all have one thing in common: the consumer.

Customer Experience - or CX for short - is reportedly the biggest differentiator between success and failure of modern marketing and branding strategies.

Why? Because consumers like to feel heard and cared for. In a capitalist society where the dollar seems to rule all - though it really doesn't — consumers like to feel that the corporations they work for are really run by people just like them. However, this is a rare experience as only 7% of consumers state that companies they regularly engage with exceed their customer service expectations.

While consumers are generally satisfied with experiences that meet their expectations, when they have a bad experience at a corporation, it takes 12 positive experiences to repair any damage caused by a negative one.

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Types of Employees That Are Bad for Your Startup

Types of Employees

You can either work 9 to 5, or hustle 24/7. The latter is true of all successful business owners, especially during the startup stage.

For the business that is in the middle of a startup, both the employer and the employees need to have the same vision. Their goals and values must align and complement one another so that the hard work will get done. Often times this work is done in less than ideal conditions and for much less money than both the business owner and the employees would like to be receiving. Holding to the vision will help get you through, but only if you have the right team underneath you.

46% of startups go under in their first year and a half due to employee incompetence and laziness. The statistic alone shows that hiring the right people from the beginning is crucial to seeing your business through to the stabilization phase. However, hiring the right employee is not just about skill set. Attitude is everything.

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Office Design Tips That Will Blow Everyone’s Mind

Office Design Tips

Have you noticed how drab and boring most offices look? It’s as if it’s an unspoken rule that, to be considered professional, your office must lack all color and liveliness. In this age of creativity, the approach just won’t fly anymore. You don’t have to be afraid of thinking out of the box anymore because it’s encouraged. In fact, clients nowadays appreciate and value originality, and employees thrive in such an environment. The right design could even end up making or breaking a new business deal.

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A Self-sustained Guide To Smart Business Promotion

Long gone are the days where a startup had to spend an arm and a leg just so they can get their business brand out in the world. With the advent of the internet and social media shortly after, it has become very easy for even the smallest of startups to make themselves known while operating on a budget.

Smart Business Promotion

But in order to pull this off, you'll first of all need to have a game plan. Here's a self-sustained guide to a smart business promotion that any startup can use without having to strain from a financial standpoint:

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