Grow Your Social Media Audience With These 3 Engagement Ideas

Grow Your Social

Today one of the best ways to gain recognition for your business is through social media channels. Even if your startup is on a roll you still need to continue to grow your social media audience - your on-going sales largely depend on the number of people you can reach and plain advertising techniques are just not enough anymore. The competition is vast, so it's not enough just to create a profile on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, or Twitter. Every experienced social media marketing professional knows that these accounts must be polished and regularly updated to keep users engaged.

Having a strong social media presence can do wonders for your business, but this presence needs to be built in the right way - following can be developed only if you know how to give your users what they really want. Sometimes this seems like an impossible task - you try to interact as much as you can, but nothing seems to be happening. Maybe you're pushing too hard, for engagement must be organic. Or maybe you're just not doin…

5 Ways Startups Benefit from BPO Services

Startups are the jack-of-all-trades of small businesses. By definition, the difference between a startup and your run-of-the-mill small business is the fact that startups primarily aim to develop an innovative product or service for a totally new market. This means that, due to their ambitious nature, startups have to deal with a lot on their plate.

For example, if we just look at it from a marketing perspective, promoting an entirely new product on the existing market is challenging even for the top corporate giants, let alone a newly founded startup. Therefore, it shouldn't surprise us that 9 out of 10 startups fail in their endeavors. With this information in mind, startup founders should be extra careful not to bite off more than they can chew and call for some additional backup instead. After all, there are incredible benefits of outsourcing your business processes to other companies. Here's a list of 5 of these:

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3 Ways To Outsmart Hidden Marketing Expenses

Watch Your Marketing Expenses

Henry Ford once said, "A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time." and he couldn't have been more right! Experienced entrepreneurs are well aware that if you don't invest in promotion (whether through paid advertisement, social media, or a combination of several strategies) producing content is a complete waste.

Being an entrepreneur or business owner, it is obvious that you don't have the ability to produce all the needed content by yourself and that you have to pay somebody else to do it. It means that sometimes you need to hire freelancers or someone with certain expertise to help you cover all of your company's needs. But what to do when the costs extend and you find yourself surrounded by additional expenses? Using following tips as guidelines can help you avoid those little hidden outlays.

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Maximize Your Online Presence with These Offline Strategies

One of the greatest myths, as well as most harmful ones, is that the offline marketing techniques have stepped down in order to make way for digital marketing. In reality, both of these methods are capable of coexisting. In fact, this is precisely when they give optimal results. Those who are still skeptical about this though need to further look into ways in which one's offline strategies can maximize their online efforts. Here are five examples of this underutilized trend.

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Consumers and End-Users Are Starting to See the Future of Augmented Reality

A Hand In Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) applications are poised to revolutionize how we learn, shop, communicate, and live. Breaking through to public awareness through mobile apps like Pokemon Go! or fun filters on Snapchat was just the beginning. The potential and possibilities for AR go far beyond idle fun.

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