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Wearable Technology's Impact on the Mobile Industry

Wearable Technology

Wearable technology can no longer be dismissed as a fad. Consumers have been steadily adopting these devices in recent years. The trend shows no signs of slowing.

That's largely due to the increased capabilities of wearable tech. Obviously, smartwatches could always do more than simply tell time. However, as developers continue to experiment with them (and major companies such as Uber develop wearable-based apps), the power of these devices continues to grow.

This is only the beginning. As Android and iOS mobile application development continues to advance, wearables will become even more attractive. Lower price points and emerging innovations will result in even more businesses and consumers embracing wearable tech in the near future.

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The Crucial Ingredient for a Successful Customer Service

You've been in business for over 3 years now, and you've reached a place of stability. Your startup is in a lovely plateau and while the consistency is nice, you're hoping for a big boom in the next six months to a year to really give your brand the recognition it surely deserves.

You have your business plan. You have your team. You have an array of products and services which serve your existing customers well, and you have a fair amount of new faces coming to call on a regular basis.

Yet, you seem to only see a small percentage of those faces more than once. You just can't understand it. You view your customers as your friends, not tiny instruments in the money-making machine, but obviously they are not viewing you the same way.

Something needs to change.

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The Role of Marketing Automation in the Insurance Industry

Marketing Automation

The insurance sector has mastered the skill of managing and comprehending heaps of data generated on a daily basis. This business industry is usually very vigilant, extremely controlled by government bodies and en route to a lower amount of transformation rather than fast technological development. But as the period of digitalization continues to transform the way businesses operate, insurers are gently but surely understanding the benefits of automation.

The insurance industry is far from the concept of marketing automation that offers personalized communication with each across a wide target audience. It helps you gain deep insights of every individual and react on it, which ultimately help insurers to augment their customer satisfaction ratio.

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Android Vs. iOS - What You Need to Know about Android

Android vs iOS

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Google's Android and Apple's iOS are the operating systems generally used in the mobile technology, like in smartphones and tablets. Android is Linux based and partly the source is open. However, iOS' uniform designed elements are seen sometimes to be more user friendly.

People must think about switching phones as after doing that, they will need to buy apps over again from the Google Play or Apple App Store. Android is the World's most commonly used smartphone platform. Even the maximum number of mobile phone manufacturers are using this platform.

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How to Build a Strong Visual Brand Identity for Your Startup

Build a Strong Visual Brand

There is a wide variety of factors that come together to contribute to the success or failure of a startup. With so many things to tend to on fronts as diverse and as demanding as business strategy, bureaucracy, marketing, and not to mention the concrete work of a startup, some things will inevitably get overlooked.

One aspect that often gets neglected, and yet represents one of the crucial markers for the success of a business venture is the development of a distinct brand identity that resonates with the public. With startups, as businesses without any previous track record or reputation, first impressions are often key and a striking visual identity is the first step to drawing attention.

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